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feminine burnout healing:
be vibrant in your corporate job

A monthly class featuring feminine effectiveness strategies to shift from burnout to brilliance with Brynn Streicker, Energy Healer + Coach

Next Class: January XX, 2022

Feel supported as you gather with other highly-driven women to discuss stress and burnout at work and home, learn practical ways to manage your stress, and create new ways of thinking so you can connect to and better manage feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion. This FREE, one-hour virtual experience will leave you with a sense of connection and restored energy. It will introduce you to a way of restoring yourself that doesn’t feel like just another item on your to-do list.


For January, we are featuring the technique of “conscious breathing meditation” as a tool to help you release stress and increase vitality. We will do a live demonstration, and you’ll leave the gathering with a recording to use throughout the month.

Here’s are the results you can achieve with feminine effectiveness techniques:


Connection with other amazing, high-performing women who are also feeling burnt out and overwhelmed by their work/life demands. You will be supported and welcomed exactly as you are.


We will discuss how we as women move through stress cycles and how we can do this more effectively.


Each month we will tap into a healing technique to help restore your energy. This may be practicing breathwork, doing a live meditation, or various other anxiety and stress relieving practices that will have you leaving the webinar feeling better than when you arrived.

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meet your teacher

A 15-year veteran of the Las Vegas hospitality industry, Brynn teaches women how to restore their energy and recover from burnout so they can excel in their job they love. No stranger to burnout herself, she began having panic attacks related to her work and has spent the last three years healing and re-learning how to live her best life. Now, she wants to help you live yours!

Ready to feel more vibrant + do your best work?

Register now for this FREE virtual class to help you restore your energy and soothe your stress, so you can show up as the leader you were meant to be.

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