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Heal burnout and bring your best self to work


An energy healing and
coaching program that cultivates
feminine effectiveness
in a masculine world.

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You are a high performer and a high achiever.


You love your work—but you feel burned out.

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You have always been able to manage a high volume of work, completing tasks no matter how tight the deadline. You’ve prided yourself on this. You persevere, even when you take on more than you realistically should, and all to prove you’re ready to advance.


This has worked for you—until now.


You’ve pushed yourself to the brink week after week. And the result? You simply feel anxious, stressed, and burned out from the constant doing.

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Deep down, you know there has to be a better, more aligned way for you to rise up and shine at work.

You’re ready for the next stage of your career, but if you have to do it the same way that got you this far, you aren’t interested.

You’re done with the endless hustle and you’re done struggling with stress.

Instead, you’re ready rise in a way that feels good to you, with the balance and freedom you need to be fully present with the work you love and the people you serve.

You’re ready for support now, or even yesterday!

If this is where you’re at, don’t worry, there IS a better way. You can still be a high achiever and you can still rise to the next level—without the hustle and the overwhelm.


As your personal Burnout Healer and guide, I will take you step-by-step through my process of energetic healing to restore your light, so you can shine and do the work you love at an even higher level than before.


This program is designed to create a better balance of self-care AND high performance. It includes sound corporate wisdom so that you can perform at work in a way that is aligned with your true self, in flow with your priorities, and is also supportive of your desired growth.

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What Is Feminine Effectiveness?

Feminine Effectiveness =

A system of energy healing that helps you shift from burnout to vitality.

The process helps you reclaim your feminine energy, balance your yin-yang dynamics, and attune to:

Yourself first,

then your immediate professional priorities,

and then your next level of career growth.


This is a process of inside-out healing to shift:

From Anxiety to Ease

From Imbalance to Equilibrium

From Stagnation to Elevation


the results you can expect:


Restore Your Vibrant Energy
We will spend time pouring into YOU so you feel seen, supported, and restored. You’ll feel a sense of relief and validation, and you’ll be given the held space you so deserve to reconnect you to yourself. I will teach you a sustainable way to protect and manage both your energy and nervous system, giving you the freedom to respond and react to stress in a better way.


Create a Personalized System for the Work You Love
Discover your unique way of working, creating a system that’s best for you and serves you and your talents. This might mean doing things a little differently—and that’s okay! As you begin to trust and listen to your inner wisdom, I will guide you in creating goals that feel more aligned with your new vision of your future self. Instead of spending all of your energy in survival mode, we will create a system that helps you achieve your goals and keep your energy balanced throughout the day.


Increase your performance metrics.

As you navigate this new shift, I’ll show you how your new mindset will not only benefit you, but also your work-related goals. It is near impossible to keep producing, creating, and achieving at such a high level when it comes at the sacrifice of any life balance. Together we will discover what work-life balance looks like for you. We’ll create ways for these two to co-exist in a harmonious way that raises your metrics without wearing you down.


Feel Ease and Joy at Work

You will gain a deeper understanding of how to use energy healing practices and how to operate in your feminine energy to create joy and ease. As you reach the completion of this program, you will see not only the power that balancing your energy brings to you, but also witness your own inner transformation, which will illuminate your ability to calmly navigate your workplace.

the 6-month coaching experience

Why 6 months? Because healing from burnout takes time, and the process is similar to the changing of the seasons. It is an inside-out transformation that occurs over 3 phases.

Phase 1


Attune to self.

Clear + Realign your energy. Trust your truth.

Phase 2


Attune to flow.

Sustain + Regulate your energy. Witness your worth.

Phase 3


Attune to growth.

Rise + Transcend your energy. Negotiate your needs.

"Brynn supported me so deeply throughout our time together. Her truly special ability to listen and feel into what I was saying made me feel so validated and seen. I had tried all the usual self-care methods that are recommended and felt no less stressed than I had previously. Brynn taught me not only how to care for myself in a way that is sustainable but also how to operate in my energy more effectively so I can work in a way that better suits me overall. She was truly there to support me in ways I haven’t felt supported in a long time, and I cannot recommend her services enough."

Kelly K., Human Resources Director

And, you get all of these services along the way:


2-60min coaching sessions per month

During our sessions, I will listen deeply and provide you with energetic guidance and practical tactics customized to your specific journey. You don’t need to be spiritual—simply be open to trying new & different solutions to help you relieve your stress and burnout. Intuitive energy healing is my gift and I love sharing it with you through coaching in this space.


Post-session wrap up

After session I will send you an email with details of modalities or exercises we discussed that day. This way you can simply show up, as you are, and be in the moment.


Support between sessions

I am here to support you. Just because we don’t have a session does not mean what you’re feeling/doing has to wait. I am always available to you via text to share in a victory, support you in a tough moment, give you an amazing pep-talk, or just or have a quick conversation.


Guided Meditations

You may receive a weekly meditation (if you enjoy meditation) to support you in exactly the way you need that week. These meditations  help you self-soothe in those moments of stress and to simply help you feel more grounded during your day.

Nervous System Education & Practices

We will dive into how knowing & understanding your nervous system can be your biggest ally when it comes to managing stress and burnout. You'll learn practices custom selected for you, that will help you regulate your nervous system so you can be more resilient at work & home. 


Routines and rituals that support your growth

Together we will determine which rituals and routines will serve you best. Because people change, I will also introduce you to some practices that may serve you in the future, so you are always prepared.


Energy restoring practices

Practices like Breathwork and Reiki allows us to restore ourselves and helps to regulate our energy. Each session, you may learn or experience a new practice to help move you through your stages of stress, agitation, anxiety, and overwhelm. I will support you as you move through these feelings to learn what practices resonate with and serve you the most. 

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hey beautiful,
i'm brynn!


I’m a fellow high achiever and high performer who has struggled with burnout and made it to the other side. I believe and know there is a way for all of us to achieve our goals with much greater balance and ease.


In the process of healing my own burnout and helping others heal theirs, I realized we all had one thing in common: We were all primarily operating in our masculine energy—the energy that calls us to push our limits to achieve goals at any cost, the energy that says the hustle lifestyle is the only way to get what we want.


It’s not our fault that we are operating from this place. This is the energy we are taught to work with, and it’s what most companies are built on. But for many of us, it doesn’t work to always create from this place. We have another energy within us that can help us shine, but we don’t often associate it with work and achievement: it’s our feminine energy, the yin to our yang masculine energy. This is our creative, loving, flowing, intuitive energy, and it, too, gets results—just in a different way. 


We all have both energies within us, but it’s often out of balance in those who are burned out. My work is centered around helping you bring these energies back into harmony. I give you the tools you need to work with your feminine energy effectively, even if we are all still working in a primarily masculine world. 


This is why I call this program IGNITE. My hope is for all of us to rise up from our burnout and spar a new way of being that allows us to comfortably and confidently operate more in our feminine energy—and ultimately experience more ease and growth than we could have ever imagined.


I hope you’ll join me in this movement to heal burnout and bring greater freedom and ease to our work! 


invest in yourself to create balance and freedom in your work life.

Time + Money

6 months at $333/month

Two 60 min coaching sessions per month

Text support between sessions

Somatic Stress Relief practices

Breathwork & mediation guidance

Nervous System Regulation  


Return On Investment

 Restore to vibrant energy.

Create a personalized system for your work.

Increase your effectiveness.

Feel ease and joy at work.

Reconnect with your higher self. 


Your Setup

To get started, you will receive:​

Client agreement to sign​

Link to set your monthly autopay​

Pre-survey to get you primed & ready

Welcome gift

Ready? Begin to heal your burnout and bring out your best self at work with one easy step:

If this coaching invitation resonates with you, schedule a free, no-obligation introductory session with me.
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